NYC Higher Education During Covid-19

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Streamline Founder Lou Mirando discussed his experience as a member of the Fordham Real Estate Institute Executive Advisory Council during the recent pandemic, as reported in the September 2020 issue of the Mann Report (available here).

Mr. Mirando stated that while “technology has been a help during the short run”, Fordham’s adherence to “principle-based business practices with clear direction and moral compass is key” to the program’s success. The New York City real estate industry’s support for Fordham’s program has been particularly uplifting during this stressful period.

Fordham’s Master’s Degree program has worked to successfully place graduates with industry mentors. Streamline’s experience in hiring Fordham Real Estate graduates has been extremely positive. Mr. Mirando looks forward to continuing his work on the Executive Advisory Council and assisting students in their transition into a challenging work environment.

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