Note Financing

Streamline CRE Fund Group

The Streamline team has direct access to the CRE capital markets from its broad-based experience and industry contacts.

The group will be focused on portfolio asset management recovery assignments, direct loan purchases and liquidation.

Our Approach

The current market cycle will present significant risk adjusted return opportunities.

As a direct loan originator, we can identify the credit enhancements and overall structure mitigates that allow for liquidity and marketability of a note and underlying asset valuation.

Our seamless credit process is designed for quick-strike capability for both financing and acquiring loan portfolios.

Targeted Assets

We seek non-performing and sub-performing, fixed and floating CRE loans from direct lenders actively managing their balance sheets.

This direct-to-lender approach is supported by our ability to quickly and confidently transact.

We look for well-crafted loan documents and a supportable basis taking potential foreclosure costs into consideration and the likelihood of a viable restructuring agreement.


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